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Catering Tampa Bay

Catering Tampa Bay

When you organize a corporate event, a key factor for the occasion to help you achieve business objectives is the guests’ experience. If the event is awesome, this will help attendees remember it and therefore reinforce your corporate image and your brand. In addition to the location and the activities that you develop, there is an element that will help you achieve that unique experience: catering.

The company that provides you with these services is your commercial ally. The exquisite selection of food and beverages that you achieve working together with your caterer will be a decisive factor for you to produce a successful corporate event. It is essential, then, that you select a top-of-the-line caterer. To achieve this, you must take into account certain key selection factors.

Choosing the Ideal Catering For Your Corporate Event

Type of Event

First of all, the company you select must be able to offer you service according to the kind of event you are organizing. You may want to make a product launch or the presentation of a line of business. Alternatively, you may be hosting the New Year's Eve dinner, for example.

In any case, the company must have the versatility to be able to attend you. These are the primary modalities regarding the food you can choose:

  • Banquet: This type of celebration is formal. They are ideal for business lunches or meetings. You must strategically plan where each guest sits. The meal consists of a variety of appetizers and main dishes.
  • Cocktail: Is a freer format than the previous one. It is ideal for gala and evening celebrations, such as product launches, for example. The guests are standing, and the catch is that the food fits in hand. Most will be sweet and salty snacks that they can enjoy while holding their glasses in the other side.
  • Buffet: This format is an excellent choice for massive events, such as congresses or conventions. Several tables are placed with a wide selection of dishes, for guests to select what they want. If you are organizing an event and want the best catering in Tampa Bay contact us, ExecChef Catering & Cafes will be happy to assist you.

Added Value

A vital factor in selecting your catering company is the amount of work they can relieve you of. You are organizing an event that pursues specific strategic goals, and the more you can delegate, the better. Ask about additional services you can hire in addition to meal preparation. In general, top of the line catering companies will place an executive who will attend you exclusively, so that your celebration becomes superb.


The food of the catering company you select should merely be spectacular. It is appropriate when you evaluate the options, request tastings that allow you to check the quality of what you are going to serve. There are two unavoidable issues in a top of the line company: the use of fresh products and customization.

Are You Ready For Your Next Event?

If you want to have the most exclusive catering in Tampa Bay, ExecChef Catering & Cafes is your best option. Let us support you so that your corporate events make a difference. Our exclusive chef Aj will delirate your guests with his preparations, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contact us.

Catering Tampa Bay
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