Tips to Better Maintain Your Body in 2015

As we enter a new year many of us have made resolutions. Many of these resolutions are to Be Healthier, Get in Shape, Eat Better or Lose Weight and as my title states Maintain Your Body.  Just as years past, a small percentage of us will follow through with our generalized resolution. It is for this reason that I would like to help you focus in on some specific and manageable goals. In doing so, you can actually gain a sense of accomplishment by follow through.

The nice thing about all of these resolutions is that they focus on YOUR body. As I talk to audiences I interject that our bodies are machines. We maintain our car, the furnace in our house or the computer. Think about how of these you might buy in a lifetime. We cannot buy another body if we breakdown. Unfortunately, we pay less attention to us as a machine than we do to superficial aspects of our life. We must maintain our bodies. With the increased cost of healthcare, proper maintenance of our body is the best insurance plan.

If you are able to pick and adhere to a small goal from each of the main bullet points you should being to feel better about yourself and notice a difference in your body in 2015.

·         How can you Be Healthier?

o   Make time to take care of your body, commit to 30 minutes a day

o   Add a daily stretching routine – I start my day by stretching

o   Establish a consistent sleep routine

o   Drink WATER and healthier drinks remove high sugar and diet drinks. ie energy drinks, gourmet coffee drinks, all soda, ect.

·         How can you Get in Shape?

o   Increase your activity level during your day

§  Take the stairs when possible

§  Park at the end of the parking lot

§  Take a walk during lunch

o   Adopt a cardio routine at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes

o   Introduce a resistance training program

·         How can you Eat Better?

o   Gain an understanding of portion size

o   Eat food containing healthy fats (my topic for next month)

o   Stay away from FAST food

o   Eliminate empty carbs like chips, white bread, crackers, sweets

·         How can you Lose Weight?

o   Eat a healthy breakfast with a protein component

o   Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks, 1 between each meal

o   Do not eat less than three hours before bed

Write your achievable resolutions on paper and read them in the morning and at night as a reminder of your goals and a reward of your efforts. Here’s to a happier and healthier 2015.