My Story 

Being involved in the food and hospitality industry for the vast majority of my life, so much of what I do comes as second nature. My experiences ranging from personal chef to TV/movie catering chef, bartender to correctional food service specialist, pastry chef to sushi roller, Air Force National Guard Staff Sergeant to Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts & Hospitality have all lent to the development of this innate understanding of the food service industry.

My entire life I have been driven and have overcome some high hurdles in order to stand as the Chef and person that I am today. I am thankful for all of my experiences, both good and bad, as I know they all have allowed me to now relate on virtually any level, within any segment of society.

I have traveled the country since graduating high school in Central Pennsylvania. My career in food service has allowed me to live in and experience many areas of the country including New York, Nebraska, Utah, Alaska and now the Bay Area of California

Since dedicating myself 100% to starting and operating my own business, I have been afforded a quality of life allowing me to focus on my own health while continuing to engage, participate and give back to the industry that I have been dedicated to for over 35 years. I support many professional organizations and causes. My personal business venture allows me the flexibility of my schedule to be a part of the endeavors to which I have grown passionate about.