Chef Services

  • Whatever your situation I am available to fill the need to have a Chef in position that might not be fully budgeted, exploratory, temporary, variable in the need, etc.
  • Corporate Chef
  • Consulting Chef
  • Demonstration Chef
  • Training Chef
  • Research & Development
  • Personal Chef Services

 Personal Chef Services

Services provided

  • Have your own in-home Chef
    • Preparation done on site, all fresh ingredients prepared right in your home
    • Open your doors and your responsibility ends. Let the Chef take over
      • Dinner party
      • Light engagement
      • Hors d’oeuvre party
      • Reception
      • Barbeque
      • Brunch
      • Dessert hour
  • Entertain guests through an interactive dining experience with demonstration
    • Various components of the meal will be demonstrated by the Chef in front of you and your guests providing full instruction on how that component was made.
  • Hands-on dining party
    • Do you want your guests to get involved in the action? The chef will lay out the plan during the welcome reception, teams will be selected and everyone will work on their part of the meal with everything coming together under the guidance and direction of the Chef.
  • Full demonstration dining experience
    • Have you been looking for a reason to bring friends together? Here is the opportunity to have a meal fully prepared for your gathering while learning what the chef is doing throughout the process. You and your guests will receive cooking tips, techniques, and insight that only is available from a lifetime of experience in the professional kitchen.

Background & Experiences

  • Served as a Personal Chef for an executive family in an old Adirondack Great Camp on the shores of Lake Placid in upstate New York
  • Catered for the cast and crew of TV and movie productions including Firestarter II, The Climb, Con Air and the WB’s Everwood series
  • Cooked first hand for the stars including, Roma Downey, James Tolkan, Treat Williams, Emily VanCamp, Kathy Bates, Jane Krakowski, Chris Pratt, Tom Amandes, Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Johnny Mosley, Kidd Rock & The Beastie Boys
  • Prepared a 2002 Olympic dedication party in Salt Lake City for the Samsung Athlete Center serving food representing the five multi- colored Olympic rings or continents
  • Visionary and distinguished chef with 20+ years of award-winning, high profile comprehensive and progressive service in the Culinary Arts industry, ranging from service as Personal, Lead and Pastry Chef to serving as Department Chair and Professor within Culinary Arts & Hospitality Education
  • Locally providing services in San Ramon, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville as a private personal chef in Contra Costa County, California