Description of Services

  • Provide workshops or training sessions for kitchen crew, chefs or members of an industry organization in topics ranging from bacic to advanced culinary & baking operations and management including human resources and sustainability practices
  • As a registered ServSafe Instructor and Proctor, deliver ServSafe instruction and testing services
  • Evaluate and assess educational programs or operations to find areas for improvement
  • Assess and organize educational programs for programmatic accreditation
  • Develop or overhaul curriculum to meet the goals of the program
  • Serve as a representative to a product or item delivering educational information to the customer
  • Apply my expertise in the development or refinement of K-12 lunch programs

Qualifying Background 

  • Master’s in Education, Bachelor’s in Business Administration Management, Associate’s in Culinary Arts, Certificate in Human Resources Management
  • Fully certified and accomplished industry chef, educator and manager
  • Eight years as a post-secondary educator in culinary & baking arts and hospitality management
  • 20+ years of progressive industry experience within diverse settings
  • Renowned for effectively delivering program content to Culinary Arts students of every level
  • Results driven, focused, meticulously detail oriented, and highly respected performer with an exemplary work ethic, offering the highest levels of integrity, initiative, and goal accomplishment
  • Deeply rooted academic understanding of programmatic accreditation, student outcomes assessments and the creative development for a highly visible educational program
  • Displays excellent motivational, team building, training, supervisory, and collaborative abilities
  • First-class communication skills and interpersonal abilities, including solid presentation abilities, and exceptional process development expertise
  • Attended Chefs Move to Schools Program workshop focused on giving chefs the tools necessary to engage K-12 lunch programs and facilitate change in a positive manner