Description of Services

  • Conduct a 360° assessment to address operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Work with operators to determine areas in need of enhancement (ex. staff, food, budget)
  • Develop a plan of action to accomplish established goals
  • Create recipe ideations and menu conceptualizations
  • Participate as a trainer within operations to establish standards and educate staff
  • Conduct culinary workshops starting at basic through advanced
  • Serve as a representative to a product or item delivering educational information to the customer
  • Deliver ServSafe training and testing services
  • Serve in a guest chef capacity for special events or functions

Qualifying Background

  • Results driven, focused, meticulously detail oriented, and highly respected performer with an exemplary work ethic, offering the highest levels of integrity, initiative, and goal accomplishment
  • Innovative kitchen management, including menu development, staff leadership, and operations management, combined with a proven ability to build, mentor, and collaborate within high caliber teams
  • Highly effective operational and budget management strategist through conceptual thinking and strategic planning
  • Mastery of all aspects of kitchen management, including menu conceptualization, budgeting, resource management, inventory management, and ensuring the highest standards of quality from entire kitchen staff
  • First-class communication skills and interpersonal abilities, including solid presentation techniques, and exceptional process development expertise
  • Successfully builds organizational relationships, collaborating across boundaries, rapidly developing a positive and productive working rapport
  • Fine tuned prioritization abilities and thriving in leadership of team dynamics, creating a positive environment
  • Adaptable, strong self-starter, with intense organizational and operational management focus